Sudha CTC Tea

SUDHA CTC TEA produces teas that is unique in its appearance, aroma and taste. Reasons for the similarity of tea produced in SUDHA CTC TEA with Darjeeling tea is that the eastern zones of Nepal have relatively the same geographical and topographical conditions as the Darjeeling. Nevertheless, SUDHA CTC TEA teas do stand apart from tea grown in other counties.

SUDHA TEA is the Crush tear curl (CTC) tea where three main steps are involved – crush, tear and curl, hence the name CTC tea. SUDHA TEA tea is produced in lower altitudes in the fertile plains of Nepal, which are warm and humid, primarily in the Jhapa district, which is ideal for the production and processing of SUDHA TEA tea. It accounts for almost 95% of the domestic consumption, owing to its cost of production, which is much less comparatively to that of the orthodox tea.

SUDHA TEA tea is also characterized by four pronounced flushes, the First, Second, Monsoon and Autumn flushes, but unlike the orthodox tea, the SUDHA TEA tea is more or less uniform throughout, often exhibiting a strong color and subtle aroma after infusion. However, the flushes do not begin and end in accordance with that of the orthodox tea, mainly because of the difference in the geographical and topographical conditions.